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Next.js is an amazing platform to create full-stack web apps, static sites, and everything in between. With great developer experience and some of the biggest brands building on it, Next.js is a tool Monogram uses very frequently.

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Why we use Next.js

Next.js Advantages

  1. Flexibility

    From small websites to large-scale web apps, Next.js is a great solution for many different types of projects. Mix and match with statically generated content and dynamic up-to-date data, there's a solution for almost any need.

  2. Focus on features

    Instead of spending large amounts of time working on project setup and maintaining project configurations, Next.js takes care of a lot of that for you. This makes it much easier to focus on features and developing your product.

  3. The community

    Next.js has a large and active community, which means there are plenty of resources, plugins, and libraries available to help you build and extend your applications. As a developer this is substantial to be able to find answers and examples when.

Next.js Projects

Projects powered by Next.js