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GoHealth Urgent Care

GoHealth Urgent Care brings convenient healthcare to communities nationwide. Following the massive procedural overhauls experienced by healthcare institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, GoHealth realized that their current website no longer satisfied their needs as an enterprise-level healthcare organization.

GoHealth desired a visual refresh to better appeal to target audiences and reflect the brand, and improvements to the functionality and speed of the website. The cornerstone of this endeavor, however, would be a complete redesign of the online scheduling system to optimize the user experience and promote GoHealth’s new virtual care-first approach.

After successfully launching its website, GoHealth asked Monogram to implement an authentication process into the website to create seamless encounters, provide personalized experiences, and additional patient features. The challenge was to build an independent project while keeping the website and the patient's portal connected through an authentication module.

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Analytics as a compass

The site’s organization was an active detriment to GoHealth’s primary goal: drive users to “save their spot” for an in-person or virtual appointment.

Analytics revealed that 80% of traffic to the site was from first-time visitors, and 60% of all visitors viewed only one page and stayed for less than 10 seconds. This page was overwhelmingly the homepage. This was concerning because it was impossible to schedule an appointment on the homepage — much less in 10 seconds.

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Art direction

Monogram used GoHealth’s existing brand guide and extensive market research to update GoHealth’s brand presence. Pastel tones of the brand’s primary blue and orange color scheme created a more welcoming, contemporary atmosphere. Custom imagery featured heavily, picturing real people in-clinic interacting with GoHealth Urgent Care professionals.

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Optimized scheduling

Market research and extensive user testing informed the design of a website header that would highlight the Save My Spot widget. The new Save My Spot widget reduced appointment booking time for customers.

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CMS Built for Enterprise

A custom CMS makes all the difference for enterprise-level clients who need speed, simplicity, and quality when it comes to their websites, and GoHealth was no different. All slices were thoughtfully designed to accommodate both content present on GoHealth’s site prior to Monogram’s involvement, and future content for imminent corporate expansion. This system has allowed GoHealth to efficiently edit and add content without the need for a traditional web design intermediary.

A seamless new patient experience

After successfully building and launching an enterprise website, GoHealth stakeholders decided re-engage with Monogram to build a brand new Patient Portal. A key challenge of this project was to design the user experience in such a way that the Portal experience was seamless to end users, meaning authentication should be shared between the website and the Portal.

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We found a home with Turborepo

To reduce configuration complexity, Monogram converted the current website into a monorepo using Turborepo. This allowed configuration and component sharing between both projects making the code more efficient and improving the developer experience.

Transparent authentication with NextAuth

Monogram set up Next.js along with NextAuth to provide a seamless shared authentication between the website and the patient's portal and integrate some website functionalities with the new data coming from the portal.

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API-first development workflow

A second large component of this project was the integration into GoHealth’s APIs which handled all the operations on the front end. The users are able to update their profile, view test results, connect their organization account and save their spot at an urgent center of their choice with a few clicks of a button.

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