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MacStadium is the leading provider of Mac cloud solutions. MacStadium works with companies like Delta Airlines, Capital One, Dropbox, and others to provide cloud solutions for Mac.

Monogram designed and developed a lightning-fast, custom website to provide a fresh interface with their growing client base, introduce new products and services, and provide a new customer portal.

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Branding + imagery

MacStadium sought a new visual language to both better reflect their brand growth and differentiate them in the tech space. Monogram used MacStadium Orange as a cornerstone and expanded the color palette to include virbant gradients and engaging illustrations.

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Design as a System

The migration to the Jamstack satisfied MacStadium’s need for customization and scalability for the company’s inevitable expansion. The use of custom slices ensured that managing and adding content to the site was simple. Each slice utilized a theme and conditional content, allowing the MacStadium team to make full use of the design system. The resulting number of slice variations was in the millions.

Performance is King

MacStadium’s website is not only beautifully designed — it’s lightning-fast. The site scores high in all areas of Google Core Web Vitals, demonstrating quality in all areas of performance, accessibility, web best practices, and SEO and ensuring a high Google ranking.

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