Take a closer look at our company.

Monogram is a professional design and software development agency. We position ourselves as our client’s partners who deliver meaningful value and tangible results.

Our story

Monogram was founded in 2017, but our founders have been working together for almost a decade, creating professional and sophisticated software solutions and design.

Our clients expect and get world-class development and design services and benefit from our professional experience. Our team envisioned, designed, and developed solutions spanning from web apps, enterprise solutions, distributed systems, and complex product development services.

Today we offer high-quality software (web and app) development services, UX/UI design, and usability with consulting services. We enjoy working with large firms (many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies) but we also cherish working with ambitious and exciting startups. We love challenges and solving problems for our clients spanning various industries ranging from tech, healthcare, government, and media all the way to education, and retail.


These are our values - they guide our professional conduct but also inspire us even beyond our own individual actions.

In our work and approach, we are, first and foremost, professionals. Solutions we build, ideas we envision and experiences we create are driven by our goal of delivering meaningful value.

When working with you, our goal is to make you look good

When working with you, our clients, our goal is to make you look good. When building our own culture, we encourage creativity and a can-do attitude! And when we consider our broader environment, we are responsible business citizens of our homeland and world at large. Aware of the fact that every day and every new situation is a unique experience and an opportunity to learn, we stay humble and open-minded.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become a leader in digital product design and development, with delivery across all platforms and touchpoints.

Our mission is to meaningfully help our clients achieve their goals in all things digital.

Be able to rely on us as creative, reliable, and professional partners, not just vendors.

We achieve that by positioning ourselves as problem solvers who are not here to simply build a product based on a specification - instead, we will test, measure, learn, and offer solutions, ideas, and insights. You will be able to rely on us as creative, reliable, and professional partners, not just vendors.

In everything we do,
We’re proud to sign our work.