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Exploration: How AI can Craft a Compelling Marketing Story with Gemini 1.5 Pro + Raster

Harnessing AI to Streamline Project Management at Monogram

At Monogram, we manage a diverse array of projects, each demanding unique skills and constant learning. To enhance efficiency and transparency, we use Gemini Pro, an AI tool that transforms our extensive task notes into concise, coherent weekly summaries.


Looking to use AI to create safer & trusted digital products?

Add Notifications to your iOS PWA

How to add notifications to your iOS & iPadOS progressive web apps (PWA).

Boosting Monogram’s Smarts: Leveraging RAG for Enhanced AI Interactions

Enhancing Monogram's with the integration of RAG technology revolutionizes AI interactions, empowering precise data retrieval and generation.

Helping Others: Monogram's Commitment to Community Welfare

How Monogram makes it's impact through helping others.

Our best moments from 2023

As we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024, we wanted to share our highlights.

Crafting Interactivity: How Monogram Built the Engaging Animations for's Homepage (Part 2)

Discover the advanced WebGL and GLSL techniques in Angular animations in this in-depth exploration. Delve into the workings of the View base class and its application of TRSA values for managing the WebGL scene graph. This technical dive covers transforming and rotating 3D geometries, scaling, and alpha transparency, alongside a mastery of GLSL shader code for effects like mask, line gradients, and the "Build for everyone" transition. Learn efficient animation strategies using InstancedMesh and LineObject instances, optimizing performance while maintaining visual appeal. Access complete code examples and further insights on Angular's GitHub and CodeSandbox.

Angular Announcement

Say hello to Angular.

Angular Teaser

Stay tuned 11.6.23

Benefits of Composable Architecture

Composable architecture is based on the idea of building websites and apps from small, independent parts that you can combine via APIs to form a complete system.

Contentful's "Everything is a Type" Approach

Contentful's approach celebrates simplicity. With every element being a type, the convoluted process of deciding whether something is a block, model, or document becomes redundant.

Building on Today's Web: An Interplay of Technologies

Developing a modern website is a multidimensional task, where various technologies come together to create a cohesive whole.

Meet the new Checkly.

We reimagined the Checkly brand to be more serious (but cheeky & fun, too).

The Future of Education: Professors as Prompt Engineers

The future of education is right around the corner: Professors as prompt engineers crafting AI-driven tutoring sessions for students.

Authentication with SvelteKit and Auth.js

Setup GitHub login in your app using the new library from the folks behind NextAuth.js.

Node.js in the Browser with WebContainers

An overview of WebContainer, outlining tradeoffs and use cases.

Getting started with Turborepo

Learn how Turborepo can help you manage your monorepo.

Notify users about new deployments with Next.js + SWR

Keep your users informed about new features and bug fixes by ensuring that they always use the latest version of your app.