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Needing to rapidly enhance its content management and user experience, BigCommerce partnered with Monogram. Monogram's strategic migration plan involved a phased approach for seamless updates and minimal disruption. A key feature of this plan was the implementation of Makeswift, a modern CMS offering visual editing tools, giving the BigCommerce team a streamlined workflow. The result? A successful transition that elevated BigCommerce's capabilities.

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BigCommerce cover image
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Makeswift & Contentful

Makeswift empowers marketing teams with an intuitive visual editor, enabling them to create and update web experiences without needing technical skills. The drag-and-drop builder integrates with existing tools and APIs, improving efficiency, reducing developer dependency, and enhancing page performance and SEO scores.

Contentful’s headless CMS capabilities enable scalable, omnichannel experiences with advanced flexibility and seamless integration with existing tools and APIs. It supports complex workflows, detailed user roles, and extensive localization, making it ideal for managing content across multiple brands and channels.

We combined Contentful’s headless CMS with Makeswift to streamline content workflows for BigCommerce, improving efficiency and content agility. Custom content models ensured seamless handling of rich content elements and robust API connections.

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Leveraging Vercel streamlined our development process and provided significant benefits to the project and the client. The ability to bypass managing CI/CD pipelines allowed us to focus entirely on building the product, accelerating development and ensuring higher quality outputs. Each commit providing a live version of the site enabled immediate testing, sharing, and iteration, leading to faster feedback cycles and more refined results.

Running code on-demand without managing infrastructure saved valuable time and resources, ensuring the project remained within budget and on schedule. The built-in commenting on deployments facilitated direct engagement with client feedback, allowing us to gather insights and make necessary refinements quickly. Granular site performance insights and the ability to instantly update or revert changes ensured the site's performance and stability were consistently optimized.


BigCommerce continued using Smartling’s Global Delivery Network for localization, integrating it with Contentful for a streamlined translation process. This approach leveraged existing translations, ensuring continuity and reducing costs during the CMS migration.

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Content Migration

Monogram’s phased approach to migrating BigCommerce’s content ensured minimal disruption. By consolidating unstructured content into Contentful, we maintained data integrity and content fidelity, enabling BigCommerce to maintain operations smoothly.

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Implementing Algolia enhanced site-wide search, providing fast and relevant search experiences. We used Contentful webhooks and Vercel cron jobs for synchronization, ensuring search results reflected the latest data, with robust facet filters for refined searches.


Testing was crucial for the BigCommerce migration. We used Playwright for end-to-end tests and Jest with Testing Library for unit tests, ensuring all functionalities, content, and SEO meta tags worked as intended post-migration.

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Monogram delivered comprehensive documentation for the BigCommerce migration, including developer resources, user guides, and training materials. This ensured smooth adaptation to the new content system and empowered the BigCommerce team to maximize Contentful’s capabilities.


Monogram created a multi-step form for BigCommerce, guiding users through the account creation process and incorporating various elements like loading messages, legal disclaimers, and SKU configurations. This facilitated seamless access to BigCommerce’s suite of ecommerce tools.

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