Headless Commerce

  1. Headless Commerce Architecture

    Headless Commerce architecture is the decoupling of a website’s front-end presentation layer from the backend e-commerce functionality.

  2. Built Decoupled

    Developers can utilize their front-end technology of choice to deliver high-quality content experiences and plug in an ecommerce solution on the backend that manages all the commerce functionality.

Platform Expertise

Composable Ecommerce

Composable ecommerce architecture offers numerous advantages, such as plug-and-play, API-first, and independent development.

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Headless ecommerce

  1. Fast websites

    Leverage modern and advanced technologies to create visionary, fast websites via page pre-render which results in better performance and better SEO. Pre-rendered pages makes the page fully interactive via hydration.

  2. Flexibility

    Headless ecommerce offers flexibility and familiarity for front-end developers where common frameworks like React can be used to achieve excellent results.

  3. Complete ownership over site architecture

    Headless ecommerce on an composable architecture offers complete ownership over site architecture with decoupled front and back ends.

  4. Marketing effectiveness

    Marketing effectiveness for innovation without hurting backend processes.

  5. Speed to market

    A headless architecture solution is not only scalable, but also flexible and easily replicable especially for international and omnichannel market.

  6. Increased conversion rates

    The first five seconds of a page-load time have the highest impact on your conversion rate, and this is where headless shines: performance.

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