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Utilize a set of tools that simplify the process of making and integrating a full search experience into your sites and applications. Algolia has the best search relevance in the industry using AI powered search and discovery to empower your products.

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Why Algolia

Algolia advantage

  1. End-to-end AI search

    A powerful product that serves up the most relevant data to your users, with minimal setup and maintenance.

  2. Extremely fast

    Algolia is able to perform indexing operations in a matter of seconds, and search operations in a few milliseconds. This makes search feel instantaneous on your project.

  3. Extensive documentation

    Developers can easily find solutions to problems when using Algolia. With implementation guides, and code examples, The Algolia documentation makes developing world-class search functionality a reality for all dev teams.

Algolia projects

Projects using Algolia