Data & APIs

Custom GraphQL & REST APIs

At Monogram, we specialize in building applications designed to solve simple and complex business problems. Our team has created dozens of solutions for our clients using all major platforms or creating custom development-intensive solutions.

APIs, the Key Component of the Composable Stack

Composable architecture leverages the API economy and encourages businesses to put their offerings together modularly, such as breaking down components into smaller microservices services.

Used Everywhere

Most mobile apps and web apps are required to connect to the internet to work correctly. APIs allow websites the option for backend communication, improving the functionality and the user experience.

Our Modern Toolset

Cutting edge tools to help us build a production-ready, self-documenting GraphQL API that can use data from any source.

Custom GraphQL & REST APIs

GraphQL, Key component of the Modern Stack

Apollo Server as a standalone GraphQL server has a straightforward setup and is universally compatible with any data source. We can start fetching data quickly.

Production Ready, Autoscaled

Deployed on our partner's infrastructure, your custom APIs will scale to meet user demand, automagically, and based on load.

One Client, Multiple Sources

A backend that serves data to clients from multiple sources be it a database, REST APIs, or a combination of both. It can be deployed anywhere that can run Node.js.

Cache Management

Caching can be set up not only client side when using Apollo Client (or SWR), but also server side. This means that your API server can cache the results of your queries, and return them to the client without having to hit the database. End result: faster response times and less load on your database.

APIs, One Source for Web and Phone Apps

APIs, not only plays a key role into the Composable Architecture, but is a great way to share data between different clients (Web, Mobile, Desktop, IoT devices, etc) and to build a single source of truth for your data.