How Monogram Is Using AI to Help Empower Incarcerated Youth

Digital agency Monogram teamed up with neuroscience researchers on a tool to reduce the number of incarcerated adolescents.

Harnessing AI to Streamline Project Management at Monogram

At Monogram, we manage a diverse array of projects, each demanding unique skills and constant learning. To enhance efficiency and transparency, we use Gemini Pro, an AI tool that transforms our extensive task notes into concise, coherent weekly summaries.


Looking to use AI to create safer & trusted digital products?

Boosting Monogram’s Smarts: Leveraging RAG for Enhanced AI Interactions

Enhancing Monogram's with the integration of RAG technology revolutionizes AI interactions, empowering precise data retrieval and generation.

Exploration: How AI can Craft a Compelling Marketing Story with Gemini 1.5 Pro + Raster

We explore how integrating Google's Gemini 1.5 Pro, with its advanced image recognition and expansive context window within Raster can empower marketing teams to effortlessly curate the best photos for campaigns.

Exploring New Horizons: Gemini Pro Vision's Test Integration with Raster Promises a Smarter Way to Handle Visual Content.

The Future of Education: Professors as Prompt Engineers

The future of education is right around the corner: Professors as prompt engineers crafting AI-driven tutoring sessions for students.