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Why Marketers Love Composable Websites: Freedom, Flexibility, and Faster Results

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Traditional websites can feel like a one-size-fits-all solution, which usually means they're not built with the most ease of use for marketers. A composable architecture breaks that mold. It gives marketers the ability to swap website elements easily, add new features, and experiment with fresh ideas. Unlike traditional monolithic websites, which are built as one giant, interconnected system, composable architecture uses independent, interchangeable components. This shift in website building offers endless benefits for marketers, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most: creating impactful marketing experiences.

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Leave the Code to the Developers

If you’re anything like me, dealing with code is not in my repertoire of marketing skills- nor do I want it to be! Composable websites free us from that burden. With composable architecture, content and interactivity are separate from the website's presentation layer. This means you focus on crafting compelling content – blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions – without getting bogged down in technical details. Not to mention, the marketing function is evolving at break-neck speed– if you do not have a flexible website foundation, you will inevitably fall behind. With a composable architecture, marketers can adapt their website to new marketing strategies, integrate new tools, and experiment with different functionalities – all without considerable input from a developer.

Seamless Integration

The modern marketing landscape thrives on a diverse array of powerful tools. But integrating them with your website can be challenging on a monolithic platform. With composable architecture, those days are over. Seamlessly connect with best-in-class solutions, from email marketing platforms to analytics dashboards and CRM systems. Imagine having your pick of the best tools – from social media management platforms and marketing automation solutions to A/B testing tools and personalization engines. Imagine having your pick of the best tools and knowing they'll integrate seamlessly with your website. That's the power of composable architecture. In just a few examples, see how Monogram has leveraged some of these tools for a few of our clients:

Prismic, Tailwind CSS and Next.js for Checkly

Algolia Search for Angular

Stripe and Shopify Plus for Birchbox

Hubspot and Firebase for GossRV

No more wrestling with compatibility issues or complex workarounds. With composable systems, teams can pick the right tools and also integrate modern functionalities quicker rather than architecting from scratch or waiting for their monolith vendor to provide the feature.

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Future-Proofing for Growth and Change

As I mentioned before, a website built for flexibility is key to staying ahead in the marketing game. Composable architecture allows you to adapt effortlessly. Want to try a new AI-powered chat feature? Simply integrate it as a new component. Need to adjust your website layout for a new marketing campaign? Swap out a component, and you're good to go. This agility ensures your website can grow and change seamlessly alongside your marketing strategies, keeping you at the forefront of the game.

Faster Time to Market

Composable architecture helps you get your marketing campaigns out there quicker. Need to launch a landing page for a new product offering? With pre-built, customizable components, it's a breeze. Testing a new marketing campaign? The ease of integration lets you experiment rapidly and iterate based on real-time data. This translates to shorter development cycles, faster campaign implementation, and ultimately, the ability to capitalize on marketing opportunities with faster time to market.

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Key Takeaways

Composable architecture isn't just about technology; it's about empowering business teams. As a business user, it frees you from technical hurdles, grants you creative control, and fosters a collaborative environment between your marketing team and the tools you use. This translates into a website that adapts to your needs, integrates seamlessly with your marketing tech stack, and ultimately, delivers exceptional results for your brand. By choosing a composable architecture, you unlock a new level of marketing agility, speed, and control for your website. It's a future-proof approach that empowers your marketing team and sets you and your business up for long-term success.

Getting Started

By now, it may be clear that a composable approach offers significant advantages over the limitations of the monolithic platforms you’re familiar with. Still, it can seem like a daunting task to make the switch. Don’t worry - that’s where Monogram comes in. We have built most of our portfolio around making this transition for small and large businesses as seamless and stress-free as possible. We pride ourselves on providing a white glove service to each and every one of our clients, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail of the process. Once our job is done, not only will you have a beautiful and intuitive website, but you will also be equipped with the tools and knowledge to scale and adapt that website to your business as it grows. Find out what a composable version of your website looks like by viewing our portfolio and get in touch today for a free consultation.