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Monogram worked closely with DomeTag to refresh its digital presence with a website redesign featuring a more visual brand identity and easy-to-navigate information. Through strategic design and development, Monogram created a website that not only highlights DomeTag's offerings but also enhances user experience by making information about products, services, and company values readily accessible.

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First Impressions Stick

The brand refresh for DomeTag was a comprehensive process that began with a deep dive into the product at its core and extended to the visual and interactive elements that constitute its online identity. The focus was on developing a cohesive brand language that appeals directly to their target market—businesses in search of durable, attractive, and high-quality labels. Through carefully chosen color schemes, typography, and imagery, Monogram created a visual narrative that connects with potential customers, encouraging exploration and interaction with the content.

Beyond the Surface

Leveraging the capabilities of Vercel and Tailwind CSS, along with SvelteKit and DatoCMS, Monogram enabled high performance, rapid load times, and enhanced SEO. SvelteKit's innovative and lightweight framework allowed Monogram to design an immersive user experience that is both visually appealing and fast, while DatoCMS’s flexible content management system made it a breeze to manage both website content and SEO settings. By prioritizing performance, Monogram transformed DomeTag's website into a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers.

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Tailoring Your Tag

A visual configurator was introduced, empowering users to effortlessly design their perfect DomeTag. This interactive component streamlines the process of choosing shapes, print surfaces, and additional features, providing customers with a better idea of what their final domed labels will look like.

The Help Center

To compliment the simplified ordering process, an information help center was created using the powerful features offered by DatoCMS. This documentation-style section offers an easily navigable resource for all DomeTag-related information, including label options, ordering, file preparation, and more. The Help Center is organized to provide quick answers to common queries, detailed guides on product selection and design, and tips for optimizing the ordering process. By making this information readily available, customers can now find solutions quickly and independently, improving the overall support experience.

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