Websites & Web Apps

We build JAMstack experiences.

We build JAMstack websites and apps to meet the specific needs of your business that off-the-shelf software can't.

We don't focus on an industry.
We focus on success.

We spec, design, build and maintain apps for many different industries and sectors. You name it, we can build it.

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Our core services to make the software magic work

Web app development

We build applications designed to solve simple or complicated business needs. Our team has created dozens of solutions using all major platforms or creating development-intensive custom solutions.

Mobile development

Our exceptional mobile team is specialized in delivering complex enterprise-level, but also fun and cool apps for the end users. We build smart, intuitive, and beautiful experiences build for mobile and tablet devices.

Enterprise solutions

We deliver enterprise solutions for both B2B and B2C businesses. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in recognizing business models of our clients makes us not only a resource provider, but rather a solution provider to our client.

UX & UI design

Bringing ideas to life is one thing, making them sexy is another. we create sophisticated products that feel natural and attract anything that moves.

The building blocks

Only the best technologies make it into our software.


VueJS is the progressive JavaScript framework and we love it. It's versatile and performant.


A JavaScript library for building user interfaces, React is declarative, fast, and widely-used.


We're market leaders not only in embracing serverless technology, but in making it stable and usable.


Introduced in 2009, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that has changed web development worldwide.


Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework we often use to build web apps.


The backbone of the web, we are experts in writing performant, accessible and clean HTML & CSS.


Essentially the world's most popular programming language, JavaScript powers the entire web.


This is the technology that builds the technology, and it's the most important thing in our jobs.


Firebase is a development platform that empowers developers to build scalable, secure app back-ends.

Our development process at a glance


Gather requirements

We put our ability to listen first and foremost. Our business analysts and professionals sit down with you to hear your needs.


Write user stories

We use what we learned from the previous step to build user stories and use cases. We involve you in this process to ensure we stay on target.


Estimate time & cost

This is where we pinpoint an accurate estimate of logistics involving your project— including but not limited to cost, timelines, and resources.


Add tasks to backlog

We fire up our project planners, define your project, assign tasks and get ready to sprint. We just can't wait to get started!


Sprints for long run

This is the main step. We use our deeply-rooted agile methodologies to run a series of sprints to build your product, evaluating regularly.


Iterate & refine

Nearing completion, we bring out our magnifying lenses and calipers to measure and inspect every single pixel, interaction, and edge-case.


Result & delivery

Congratulations! You just got yourself an awesome product made by Monogram. This isn't the end of the journey— it's just the beginning.

Choose how you want to work with us

Dedicated teams

We can help you assemble or augment your own team of tech and design experts. We'll handle project management as needed, and are very flexible with burn rate and payment terms. We're friendly people that are passionate about work!

Fixed price projects

We can also help you carry your digital ideas into reality with fixed-pricing per project. You tell us your needs, we'll estimate a cost, and once it's approved, we'll stick to established timelines, deliver, launch, and you'll be on your way to greatness!

Looking for an MVP? We can do that, too.

Go to market quickly with a high-quality Minimum Viable Product. You dream it, we’ll build it.

Learn more

Let’s build you a kickass website to tell the world about your new app.

We can help build you a stunning website that is just as advanced as your software itself. We use the latest JAMstack technologies and Schema integration to ensure your site is blazing fast and extremely interconnected.


We build websites using JAMstack, the future of website technologies which is safer and faster.

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Blazing fast

Speed comes first alongside good design and accessibility. Our websites are screaming fast.

See how we build

Gorgeous design

We don't even write one line of code until the website design is top-notch, attractive and usable.

Design process