UX & UI Design

Design is how it works.

We’re focused on delivering the best user experience across all platforms and devices. From conception all the way to functional prototypes, we craft beautiful human-centered digital experiences.

How we design products

Discovery & Strategy

We digest user data, research your industry, take stock of the competition, and devise a plan.

Some of the things we design

Web Applications

Web applications and design systems including typography, grid systems, buttons, menus, sidebars, and more. We design the pieces to build your software more usable and beautiful than ever.

Mobile apps

iOS, iPadOS and Android apps are our home turf because we use them every day. We unleash our creativity to design the most usable and attractive mobile experiences on the planet.

Redesign software

Probably one of the most satisfying things for us is to take a step back and see how we have improved software that was confusing, ugly, and unusable into something far better.

Beautiful websites

Monogram has designed and developed hundreds of world-class web experiences with a quality that's on par or exceeding that of marketing and branding agencies. Our design just works.

A peek at our design process


Paper first

Every design project we work on starts its journey as ink that flows onto a piece of paper. Our thoughts manifest through rapid ideation and we listen carefully.


Testing prototypes

In the spirit of rapid ideation, as soon as we have a light bulb moment on paper, we take the process to build quick prototypes to demonstrate our thoughts.


UI design

This is when the design comes to life. We carefully craft each and every pixel of the design, down to the minor details, to create a real vision of the product.


Style guide creation

Working with companies large and small, we understand the importance of making design repeatable and consistent. That's why we build detailed style guides.


Working UI prototype

We take the UI design and create a moving, functional prototype that helps define just how your product would look and work. Usability is tested here.


Optional— build

One of the biggest benefits of working with Monogram is we can build everything we design, and retain our top-notch quality of work to the development phase.

Let's build something great together.

When you work with Monogram, you’re joining a large, happy family that rides the wave of innovation to success. Drop us a line, and we’ll be in touch.