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Revolutionizing the real estate industry with technology

We helped OfferBarn design and build a revolutionary web application for real estate agents. Whether it's for an agent capturing leads or a person wanting to sell their home quickly, OfferBarn was built with the utmost ease of use, beauty, and speed.


We built an architectural brand, resembling a home and a building but also the letter "O" and "B" (initials of OfferBarn). The juxtaposition of the building in 3D perspective with the orthographic 2D home in front of it is a nod to the product itself — which changes a complex and hard-to-understand concept into an easy tool anyone can use.

After several iterations, designs, and numerous client reviews and interviews, we settled on a cohesive identity for the way a real estate agent should present themselves on OfferBarn. The true answer is: however they want to. So we designed a flexible identity with customizable themes.